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Direct quotes from people who have attended courses or used training materials provided by Jacki Pritchard Ltd:


A joy and pleasure as always to participate in one of Jacki’s training sessions. Made to feel valued and listened to throughout the two days.
The course was brilliant. The best I have been to so far...the excellence of the course pays great tribute to the fab trainer!
I think you covered a broad, complex and sometimes emotionally difficult subject with sensitivity to us, with depth and understanding. You’ve actually ignited an interest in the subject for me – it’s not just something I “had” to do for my training.
I really enjoy training with Jacki as I find her style relaxing and this encourages me to ask questions without feeling inhibited.
I always find your courses very informative and I always go away wanting to be better at safeguarding.
I have learnt an awful lot today in regards to theory, practice and responsibility.
Gave me some improved ideas on risk assessment forms that we could incorporate. The course was active and fun as well as informative.
The training I have received today was fantastic. I feel more confident in thinking that that I am now in a position to undertake a risk assessment on my own, knowing all about them and the differences between the hazards and dangers.
Your explanations of how to write a risk assessment were easy to understand, clear and concise. Your flexibility was excellent.
I found the course excellent. Information received was explicit and handouts excellent. Knowledge gained will certainly be used at our agency. I leave with a greater understanding.
This has highlighted the need for my company to review our practice and policy in broader terms.
I have learned a great deal and ways of developing my supervision skills and professionalism. This will enable me to build positively our service by ensuring staff are supported.
Especially useful was clarifying what exactly supervision is and what elements it should involve, identifying roles and what should be done in the workplace.
Will definitely go away and use what I’ve learnt today. It has made me think of the type of supervisor I want to be and can’t wait to try out new things.
I was at first unsure as to why I needed to attend as I have been minute taking for over a year, but am very glad I came as I have learnt a lot today.
I found all the course content extremely valuable especially the legal aspects and implications.
Made a complex process very interesting and understandable for someone with a very short concentration span.
Another brilliant 2 days. Excellent knowledge, support and facilitation skills from course leader. Ability to adapt to learning needs of group. Instilled confidence in procedure to be used and applied.
I have found Days 3 and 4 very valuable. The content of work covered is very relevant to my role [police officer in PPU].
I rarely enjoy role play and do find it quite stressful but do think that you created an atmosphere in which I felt more comfortable than usual and I did learn from it.
I have learnt a lot about myself and my practice. Also it was interesting to do role play as a victim in the case conference scenario and how that made me feel.
I enjoyed the practical role plays of the case conference. It showed me how much is going on for different people at the conferences and how important the chair’s role is but also each individual at the conference.


They [SA1 and SA3] certainly make everything very clear around receiving different kinds of disclosure and documenting what you have been told. I honestly think it is essential viewing for everyone. The format would be ideal for services to have as a refresher without the need for a trainer led intervention.
...I watched the DVD [SA3] that we ordered. I thought that it was presented well and I will certainly be using it within my training programme.
I am working my way through the Safeguarding DVDs and books and the ones I have seen so far are excellent.
Best feature: seeing the theory put into practice as shown on the DVD.
DVD Material was especially useful.
Thought the DVDs were good even though I was watching these for the second time.
DVDs were excellent & very thought provoking.
Again I do appreciate the excellent resources you provide. I am sure they will bolster my confidence as I venture in practise and keep me on track.
The two videos we bought were great.
Both the videos and the manuals have to be the most comprehensive, factual tools I have ever seen.
Author [Jacki Pritchard] has a good track record of usable and helpful texts in this field.

Other News

The following new webinars will run in the Autumn:
"Well-Being and Promoting Resilience for Staff: Are You Looking After Yourself?" 
Dates: Wednesday 12th September 2018 (10.00 to 11.30) - for any professional/worker;
Saturday 29th September 2018 (10.00 to 11.30) and Wednesday 3rd October 2018 (19.00 to 20.30) - for BSL interpreters only.
"Supervision: It's Purpose and What to Expect from Your Sessions" 
Date: Wednesday 26th September 2018 (11.00 to 11.30)
''Risk Assessment in Safeguarding Adults Work"
Date: to be confirmed shortly.
Cost: £30 (plus VAT @ 20%) per person
(covers attending one webinar/having a recording; set of handouts and certificate of attendance)
In LONDON - St Alban's Conference Centre, EC1N 7AB
1) Forced Marriage and Honour-Based Violence (covers children and adults): Saturday 22nd September 2018 - ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT!!
2) Safeguarding Children for BSL Interpreters: Saturday 10th November 2018.
Cost: £90 (plus VAT @ 20%)
(includes lunch and refreshments)
All courses in London run 10.00 to 16.45; 6 training hours for CPD.

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